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Trey Ratcliff
Trey Ratcliff has a unique way of navigating and capturing the world around him. With an education in computer science and math, he takes an algorithm-like approach to photography that evokes palpable memories. He was honored with having the first HDR photo to hang in the Smithsonian, and his travel images have been featured on ABC, NBC, FOX, and the BBC. He hopes his art inspires others to develop and share their talents.
High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography
HDR photography involves using multiple exposures and tone mapping to re-create a myriad of actual light levels captured in the scene. The result is a stunning patchwork-quilt of impressionism. As Ratcliff says, "That is what we remember in our mind's eye an idealized super-realistic memory of the scene."
"After returning to Hong Kong from a day in Shenzen, the sun was setting, and I made it up to The Peak just in time for a shot. This is a 5-exposure HDR shot taken at 100 ISO with a sturdy tripod to get all the lights as steady as possible. There were a few people milling around nearby, which always makes me nervous because I fear they might kick one of the tripod legs. So, I sometimes spread out my biped legs like a dork to provide a human shield while the shutters go about their merry way."    buy image
"I really wanted a unique viewing angle, so I talked my driver into taking me to the back side of the Taj Mahal. The bridge was just barely standing, and everything about the dilapidated structure was sketchy. When shooting a reflection, it's sometimes best to get as close to water level as possible. So, reluctantly, I took my camera off my tripod and buried it in the mud, about half an inch above the water. I spent all night in the bathroom saying I was sorry to the camera... cleaning her up back into her old self once again."    buy image
"HDR is currently modifying photography the way the famous French painter Georges Seurat altered Impressionism by introducing pointillism. His paintings feature tiny spots of paint that only make sense when viewed from a distance. We've moved from pigments to pixels in the digital realm, but the principles of pointillism persist. By the time the light mixes and gets to the eyes of the viewer, the evocation changes into something else entirely. HDR, its network of tools, and its related processes are enabling us to visualize the world in a completely new way."    buy image
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