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Maria Sibylla Merian Moths

(8 Items)


Insects & Bugs by Species
  • Moths


Roselle with Fall Webworm
Starting from 19.99
Grapevine with Gaudy Spinx Moth
Starting from 19.99
Seville Orange with a Golden Rothschild Butterfly
Starting from 19.99
Leguminous Plant with a Sophorae Owl Caterpillar and an Aegle Clearwing Butterfly
Starting from 19.99
Ice Cream Bean with Apricot Sulphur Butterfly
Starting from 19.99
Moonflower with Giant Metallic Ceiba Borer and a Horned Passalus Beetle
Starting from 19.99
Ice Cream Bean Plant Cloudless Sulphur Butterfly and Caterpillar with Moth on the Stalk
Starting from 19.99
Sundown Cicada and a Peanut-Headed Lantern Fly
Starting from 19.99