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Felipe Huaman Poma De Ayala

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Sebastian De Benalcazar and Hernando Pizarro Confront Atahualpa Inca Royal Baths in Cajamarca
Starting from 59.99
Diego De Almagro Francisco Pizarro and Friar Vicente De Valverde Kneeling before Atahualpa Inca
Starting from 59.99
City of Kings Now Lima First New Chronicle and Good Government 16th Biblioteca Nacional Madrid
Starting from 39.99
Woodcut from 'The First New Chronicle and Good Government' C1560
Starting from 39.99
Battle of Cuzco: Inca Manco Capac's Siege of the Town Occupied by the Conquistadors C1536
Starting from 39.99
The Newly Crowned Manco Inca on the Throne at Cuzco (Woodcut)
Starting from 59.99
The Execution of the Inca King Atahualpa (Woodcut)
Starting from 59.99
The Month of June Harvesting the Potatoes (Woodcut)
Starting from 59.99
Inca Storehouses (Woodcut)
Starting from 59.99
The Chief Courier Who Carries a Trumpet Shell (Woodcut)
Starting from 59.99
The Month of July Storing Maize and Potatoes (Woodcut)
Starting from 59.99
Captain Luis De Avalos Killing an Inca (Woodcut)
Starting from 59.99
An Inca Asks a Spaniard What He Eats He Replies 'Gold' (Woodcut)
Starting from 59.99
Christopher Columbus's Ship Sailing to Peru (Woodcut)
Starting from 59.99
Chief Accountant and Treasurer Tawantin Suyu Khipuq Kuraka Keeper of the Khipu (Woodcut)
Starting from 59.99