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Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale Specialty Prints

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Lancelot and Guinevere Together for the Last Time
Starting from $39.99
Elaine the "Lily-Maid of Astolat" Otherwise Known as the Lady of Shalott Working
Starting from $39.99
Clare of Assisi Tending to Plants
Starting from $39.99
Abelard and Heloise French Scholar and Nun Embracing in the Scriptorium
Starting from $39.99
Come into the Garden Maud
Starting from $39.99
A Midsummer Night's Dream Titania Bottom and Puck
Starting from $39.99
Merlin Reveals the Secrets of His Magic to Vivien Who Promptly Deserts Him
Starting from $39.99
Guinevere and Her Ladies-In- Waiting in the Golden Days
Starting from $39.99
Saint Valentine Depicted Here as Boy Bishop
Starting from $39.99
Naked Fairies Among the Foxgloves in Ancient Britain
Starting from $39.99
Jeanne D'Arc Hearing Her "Voices" While Minding Her Sheep at Domremy
Starting from $39.99
Merlin is Spellbound by His Lover Nimue
Starting from $39.99
When Conspirators Seek to Murder James I of Scotland
Starting from $39.99
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