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Evan Morris Cohen Photography Collections

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Photographer Evan Morris Cohen is frequently seen slinging his collection of vintage cameras around Manhattan. He loves to load them with vintage film, too, capturing shots that feel at once contemporary and antique. He's drawn to works full of emotion and gravitas, like architectural shots by Stieglitz, Steichen, Abbott and Bourke-White.

What inspires you?
The inspiration for these pieces came from my everyday life. Every shot was taken as I went about my daily business. I'm always hoping to find a way to see the same old things in a new light.

Tell us about your process.
I find it more fun to actually use an old camera, and using old cameras naturally means I use film. I don't mind having to wait to see what I shot. I enjoy the entire process of shooting and then developing my own film. It makes me feel more involved with my work.

Why make art?

I'm an artist because it makes me feel good to create. For the past few years I've been selling my work on the streets of Manhattan, and there's no better feeling than when I sell a picture. It's not about monetary gain; it's about when a complete stranger connects with something I created. That feeling never gets old.
Central Park Tunnel
Evan Morris Cohen
Photographic Print
Starting from $24.99
Central Park Tunnel
Evan Morris Cohen
Framed Photographic ...
Central Park Tunnel
Evan Morris Cohen
Framed Photographic ...
Central Park Tunnel
Evan Morris Cohen
Framed Photographic ...
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