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Jane Kim TV Commercial

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TV Commercial

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Jane Kim is an artist, science illustrator and founder of INK-DWELL, a creative studio that catalyzes love and protection of the natural world. She has created art for The Smithsonian, Amazon Aid Foundation, Yosemite National Park and The Nature Conservancy. Art.com is delighted to support Jane's current project, the Migrating Mural, through the exclusive sale of limited edition giclée prints. A portion of each purchase will benefit the Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Foundation.

Tell us about the Migrating Mural.
The Migrating Mural is a series of murals that showcases—along major roads, in towns and in cities—endangered migratory species and the need to protect them. Chapter One is comprised of four murals about Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep, along 150 miles of highway in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains. It's meant to drive support and appreciation for one of the most endangered megafauna in North America.

What inspires you?
The natural world is a place that fills me with awe, wonder, admiration, and appreciation for life. I'm inspired to share stories of our relationship and interactions with animals, plants, insects, and science even though those exchanges often go unseen and unnoticed.

Why make art?
Textbooks, field guides, and interpretive signs can only go so far in reaching people on an emotional level. Art has the ability to make a connection in a way that changes people's perception of the world and makes them feel they're experiencing something for the first time.
Jane Kim
Premium Giclee Print
Starting from $39.99
Amazon Rainforest
Jane Kim
Premium Giclee Print
Starting from $39.99
Migrating Mural: Willie and Mount Williamson
Jane Kim
Limited Edition
Migrating Mural: Willie as Yearlings (center panel)
Jane Kim
Limited Edition
Migrating Mural: Willie as a Lamb (left panel)
Jane Kim
Limited Edition
American Crow
Jane Kim
Premium Giclee Print
Migrating Mural: Willie at 6 Years (right panel)
Jane Kim
Limited Edition
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