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Andy Warhol's 15 minutes of fame has lasted 25 years. Born in 1928, he left a huge legacy behind when he passed away in 1987 after routine gall bladder surgery. From drawings, paintings and prints to videography, publishing and performance, he produced more than art -- he was essentially his own brand. From haunting black and white self-portraits to Polaroid snapshots of celebrities, many of the photos in the collection later became the inspiration for Warhol's most well-known Pop Art pieces.
Cat From "25 Cats Named Sam and One Blue Pussy" c 1954 (Green Cat)
Andy Warhol
Mounted Print
After the Party c1979
Andy Warhol
Mounted Print
You Are So Little and You Are So Big c 1958
Andy Warhol
Mounted Print
So Happy Ca 1958
Andy Warhol
Mounted Print
Edie Sedgwick 1966
Andy Warhol
Mounted Print
Andy Warhol
Mounted Print
After the Party 1979
Andy Warhol
Mounted Print