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Ferris Plock Action & Adventure

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  • Action & Adventure

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Ferris Plock “I make art because it makes me happy and it makes other
people happy.”
Ferris Plock has a passion for storytelling. A cast of surreal characters parades through his work, inspired by his children, surf and skateboard culture, and his fellow artists. Ferris has exhibited around the globe, from San Francisco to Tokyo. He collaborates constantly with his wife, artist Kelly Tunstall, and prefers to work in series. “I usually work on 10 - 15 paintings at a time and rotate through them. I’ll always have one that offers me the biggest challenge. Those types of paintings usually make me want to break things, but end up being my favorite pieces.”
Fantastic Mr Fox
Ferris Plock
Giclee Print
Starting from $39.99
Fantastic Mr Fox
Ferris Plock
Framed Giclee Print
Fantastic Mr Fox
Ferris Plock
Framed Giclee Print
Fantastic Mr Fox
Ferris Plock
Framed Giclee Print
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