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Tania Mallet in a Madame Paulette Stiffened Net Picture Hat 1963
John French
Giclee Print
Starting from $39.99
Walking Violin in Philadelphia Mummers' Parade 1917
Photographic Print
Starting from $24.99
La Camisa de la Pompadour
Art Print
Starting from $19.99
Flapper Fashion I
Elissa Della-piana
Premium Giclee Print
Starting from $39.99
More Ammunition Storiette Woman in Cabin Shooting Gun
Lantern Press
Art Print
Starting from $19.99
Various Butterflies from "Dictionnaire Elementaire D'Histoire Naturelle"
A. Baron
Giclee Print
Starting from $59.99
Add a Pearl Week Paris Collection
Loomis Dean
Photographic Print
Starting from $64.99
Woman in underwear on Bare Mattress
Phil Sharp
Photographic Print
Starting from $34.99
Lucien De Rubempre and David Sechard Illustration from 'Les Illusions Perdues' by Honore De Balzac
French School
Giclee Print
Starting from $39.99
Model Wearing Costume from Collection of Famous Designers
Paul Schutzer
Premium Photographic Print
Starting from $64.99
By The Numbers
Jan Weiss
Mounted Photo