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Astronomy (LIFE)

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LIFE Collection
  • Astronomy (LIFE)

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Founded by editor and publisher Henry R. Luce, LIFE was America's first picture magazine. From its premiere issue in 1936, LIFE fulfilled an ambitious vision with unprecedented photographic coverage–from the intimate drama of daily life to the spectacle of world events. Our LIFE Picture Collection brings together a vast array of these unforgettable images, many of which have never been available to the public until now.
Vanguard Rocket with Satellite Making Successful Launching
Hank Walker
Photographic Print
Starting from $64.99
Canidates for 1st Man into Space Standing with Model of Capsule for Project Mercury
Photographic Print
Starting from $64.99
View from Space of Golden Glow over Indian Ocean Created by Pollution
Photographic Print
Starting from $64.99
Col John P Stapp Watching a Subject in the Altitude Chamber
Photographic Print
Starting from $64.99
Earth Viewed from Deep Space
Photographic Print
Starting from $64.99
Jupiter's Satellites Io Europa Ganymede and Callisto as Depicted by Voyager 1 Spacecraft
Photographic Print
Starting from $64.99
Jupiter's Great Red Spot During Late Jovian Afternoon Photographed by Voyager 2 Spacecraft
Photographic Print
Starting from $64.99
William Miller at the Mt Palomar Observatory
J. R. Eyerman
Premium Photographic Print
Starting from $64.99
Astronomer Dr Walter S Adams Adjusting 100-Inch Telescope Mt Wilson Observatory
Margaret Bourke-White
Photographic Print
Starting from $64.99
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