Jody Turner
Jody Turner
Trend Hunter / Designer
  United States
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As a trend hunter and ethno strategist, Jody builds collections of objects while studying the lives and cultures of others. She might be in London with, Ghana with Woman 2.1 Summit, Rio with Cria Global, or Portland with think+make studio INDUSTRY. The items she gathers show an appreciation for a life well-travelled and possibilities going forward. (Portrait photos Marc Greenfield, Jerry Ketel, Jeremy Bolesky, illustration in studio by Boyett Resuello)
At university, Jody Turner studied art, culture, and curation. While Jody has worked on archaeological excavations, she is currently concerned with what she terms "future archaeology:" how we influence our collective future through the products, softwares, services and marketing communications we choose to make today. After years of working in design, Jody now runs her consultancy, Jody’s worked with a number of larger brands from Apple to BMW and enjoys focusing on brilliant young social innovation startups such as The Empowerment Plan of Detroit.
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