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London-based Brookland Junior School strongly believes art and creativity positively influence pupils. Through regular Arts Weeks, themed days and learning beyond the classroom, children receive a wide range of experiences to stimulate their appreciation of the arts and develop their own skills. Funding constraints in difficult times have made such opportunities even more invaluable. Thanks to, Brookland Junior is excited to surround and inspire children with high-quality artworks.
One or more items have been removed from this Gallery since they are currently not available.
Curiosity - Framed Art Print
Framed Art Print, 22.5 x 22.5 inches
The Bamboo Forest - Framed Art Print
The Bamboo Forest
Framed Art Print, 30 x 20 inches
Meadow Poppies I - Framed Art Print
Meadow Poppies I
Framed Art Print, 38 x 26 inches
Tower Bridge, London, England - Framed Art Print
Tower Bridge, London...
Framed Art Print, 31 x 25 inches
British Isles Map - Framed Art Print
British Isles Map
Framed Art Print, 18.5 x 21.5 inches
Mulholland Drive: The Road to the Studio - Framed Art Print
Mulholland Drive: Th...
Framed Art Print, 40.5 x 18 inches
Malcena At The Gardasee - Framed Art Print
Malcena At The Garda...
Framed Art Print, 21 x 28 inches
Waterlily Pond, 1899 (Oil on Canvas) - Framed Art Print
Waterlily Pond, 1899...
Framed Art Print, 23 x 27 inches
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