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Modern Rustic

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Create harmony in the wild by choosing art in natural colors, warm, buttery mats and wood grain frames. Take a page from the Farmer’s Almanac and add a touch of Modernism with O’Keeffe’s “Canadian Barn.” Consider a calming Durer still life or throw your feet up with a deer wearing gym socks. This art is highly sustainable and mosquito and tick-free.
Silver Lining - Framed Art Print
Silver Lining
Framed Art Print, 44 x 26 inches
$354.99 $241.58
Horses at Leisure - Framed Art Print
Horses at Leisure
Framed Art Print, 26 x 32 inches
$289.99 $188.49
Attacus Atlas - Framed Art Print
Attacus Atlas
Framed Art Print, 17 x 15 inches
$99.99 $64.99
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