Pattern Play

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Styles come and go but these images born of nature, textiles and time will make an impression on your walls. Pair dots and lines. Layer mosaics with butterfly wings. Hang patterned art on graphic wallpaper. It’s all in the way you wear it after all.
Silk Road Ikat II - Framed Art Print
Silk Road Ikat II
Framed Art Print, 23.5 x 20 inches
Interior with Skyline, Collage for Painting - Framed Art Print
Interior with Skylin...
Framed Art Print, 52 x 39 inches
Print temporarily out of stock
Circle Patterned Projection on Profile of Model, 1960s - Framed Art Print
Circle Patterned Pro...
Framed Art Print, 25.5 x 26 inches
Floral Projection on Model, 1960s - Framed Giclee Print
Floral Projection on...
Framed Giclee Print, 30 x 30 inches
Ocean Ikat I - Limited Edition Framed Print
Ocean Ikat I
Limited Edition Framed Print, 17.5 x 21.5 inches
Celia Rings - Framed Art Print
Celia Rings
Framed Art Print, 29 x 29 inches
Celia Hammond and Patty Boyd in Edward Mann Dots and Moons Helmets, 1965 - Framed Art Print
Celia Hammond and Pa...
Framed Art Print, 30 x 30 inches
The Girl Who Gambled  - Saturday Evening Post "Leading Ladies", February 6, 1960 pg.26 - Framed Art Print
The Girl Who Gambled...
Framed Art Print, 26 x 25.5 inches
Bel Reef - Giclee Print
Bel Reef
Giclee Print, 56 x 42 inches
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