Steve Justrich
Steve Justrich

Essential Elements

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The patterns created by nature: planetary rings, organic structures, broken glass, human scribbles, sedimentary layers of color. Seemingly random yet orderly. What was once fluid is now frozen. Spin the propellers and explore.
Reeds in Sand - Framed Art Print
Reeds in Sand
Framed Art Print, 25 x 33 inches
Landform II - Framed Art Print
Landform II
Framed Art Print, 35 x 35 inches
No. 10 - Framed Art Print
No. 10
Framed Art Print, 24 x 46 inches
Print temporarily out of stock
Saturn's Rings, Close-Up. - Framed Art Print
Saturn's Rings, Clos...
Framed Art Print, 29.5 x 23.5 inches
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