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British Style

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Today’s British style is a total mash up. Add a twist to traditional decor with contemporary photographs in minimalist frames. Invite your leather armchair to hob nob with your linen Louis sofa. The Brits bring the whole world to their party—let the parlour games begin!
Union Jack - Framed Art Print
Union Jack
Framed Art Print, 19.5 x 16.5 inches
$109.99 $58.99
The Peacock Skirt' - Aubrey Beardsley 's illustration for 'salome ' by Oscar Wilde - Framed Art Print
The Peacock Skirt' -...
Framed Art Print, 26 x 32 inches
$299.99 $165.99
Special Subjects, Dreamy Days 1894 - Framed Art Print
Special Subjects, Dr...
Framed Art Print, 9.5 x 9.5 inches
Print no longer available
Whitley Bay by LNER - Framed Art Print
Whitley Bay by LNER
Framed Art Print, 19 x 16.5 inches
$109.99 $58.99
Study for Bullfight no. 1, c.1969 - Framed Art Print
Study for Bullfight ...
Framed Art Print, 20 x 26 inches
$144.99 $75.69
Union Jack Hat and Scarf - Framed Art Print
Union Jack Hat and S...
Framed Art Print, 22 x 30 inches
$209.99 $116.99
Vogue - March 1967 - Flower Power Twiggy - Framed Art Print
Vogue - March 1967 -...
Framed Art Print, 15 x 15 inches
$224.99 $157.49
Venice, from the Porch of Madonna Della Salute, Ca. 1835 - Framed Art Print
Venice, from the Por...
Framed Art Print, 6 x 6 inches
Print no longer available
Victoria Station, London - Framed Art Print
Victoria Station, Lo...
Framed Art Print, 11 x 11 inches
Print no longer available
My Complex Heart - Framed Art Print
My Complex Heart
Framed Art Print, 42 x 32 inches
$269.99 $140.59
Alice & Pack of Cards - Framed Art Print
Alice & Pack of Card...
Framed Art Print, 21 x 27 inches
$239.99 $129.99
Sinked - Framed Art Print
Framed Art Print, 36 x 30 inches
Print temporarily out of stock
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