- Warm and Witty by inspiringspaces9 - An Art Collection
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Warm and Witty
Warm and Witty
Pipi Pigeon


An indelicate moment is intensified by a pigeon indiscreetly roosting on a boy’s head in Robert Doisneau’s humorous “Pipi Pigeon.” One of France’s most popular and prolific photojournalists, Doisneau (1912 – 1994) captured absurdly endearing images f...
rom everyday life in Paris. A marvelously unassuming record of everyday life, Doisneau’s work encompasses quiet, intensely personal moments, as well as profound images of Paris’ Occupation and Liberation. Doisneau received numerous awards, contributed to esteemed international magazines, and published more than 20 books.
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Pipi Pigeon

Wood Mounting
By Robert Doisneau
12" x 9.5"