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Le Platane, c.1951-Henri Matisse-Serigraph

Le Platane, c.1951By Henri Matisse

Finished Size
39.5" x 39.5"
Ships in 3-5 Days
About This Piece
The Art
This serigraph is an artisan print with a stunning paint-like vibrancy and viscosity. Also known as screen printing or silk screening, serigraphy is a printing process by which inks are forced through a mesh screen and applied to the surface of the print. The result is a brilliantly hued work of art that retains its beauty for a lifetime.
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The Artist
Henri Matisse (1869 – 1954), considered to be the 20th century’s most important French painter, communicated joy with expressive colors, striking ornamentation and bold patterns. Matisse, whose mother gave him his first art supplies while he was recovering from an illness, described his discovery of art as “a kind of paradise.” He was originally viewed as a Fauvist, and his early works were exceptionally mature. Influenced by Impressionism and Japanese art, Matisse made color a crucial element of his work, and also experimented with expressive abstraction. When he was nearly 80, Matisse volunteered to decorate the Dominican nuns' chapel at Vence, France. Suffering from anxiety, Matisse found serenity in painting.
Verified Reviews (2)
The perfect fit for a blank space
We put this in the living room and see it all the time the simple detail of this piece adds to the calming effect it has to the whole area. We had accent lighting in the ceiling which highlighted that wall but had nothing to hang there worth accenting. Now we turn those on and this is piece is highlighted and becomes a centerpiece to the room. It came so well packaged and hanging hardware was appropriate
Great Quality Paper | Perfect Size | Visually Pleasing | Vivid Detail
Gorgeous, Enormous Print
We bought the print only since it's size seemed to limit framing and matting (and shipping) capabilities here online. Of course, once we took it to a local frame shop, we realized it's size was going to mean big buck$ to have it matted and framed. I really wanted to get some kind of matting, so we moved ahead - and WOW, is it ENORMOUS. Glad we'll have it as we perhaps move into larger homes in the future, but in a medium/small living room, it kind of dominates. I've loved this image for years!
Great Quality Paper | Major room impact | Nice ink color | Nice paper color | Visually Pleasing | Vivid Detail
Reviews (2)
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