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No. 3, 1967-Mark Rothko-Mounted Print

No. 3, 1967By Mark Rothko

Paper type:
Mounted Print
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About This Piece
The Art
Permanently bonding an image to a thick piece of hardboard and adding a protective laminate creates this mounted print. Distinctly crafted for an elegant and modern look, this piece is finished with a black beveled edge. The mount is braced in the back to gracefully lift the print off the wall. Mounted prints are constructed upon order by skilled artisans. A unique and affordable alternative to framing,
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The Artist
Russian born Mark Rothko (1903 – 1970) introduced Abstract Expressionism, a new form of Abstractionism, into the art world. Characterized by bright bands of horizontal colors painted on enormous canvases, Rothko’s style was intended to engulf viewers in the artwork. Ambiguously named so that viewers could form their own impressions, he utilized a spare palette with the darkest shades placed at the top to symbolize the mental depression which plagued him. Rothko’s masterful use of color powerfully conveyed an intimate, intense message without subject matter and adhered to his credo that a good painting must have a deep meaning rooted in concepts of mortality and spirituality.
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A little Rothko in the kitchen
I found it difficult to tag "Fill wall space" as one of my purchase reasons for a print of a work from one of the giants of the art world, but after all, this review is about the product itself, not the subject matter, nor the artist. So, trying hard to avoid comment about the emotional and visceral qualities of "No.3, 1967", this print arrived just in time to occupy a commanding space in our little renovated studio kitchen. Rothko's originals from the late period (and others before) were rarely framed, so this mounting application is perfectly suited. The color reproduction is accurately rich, and the finish surface casts very little glare in direct overhead light. Highly recommended, both the work itself and Art.com's treatment of it.
Great Picture Quality | Nice Workmanship | Perfect Size
Marco Tigre
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