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"Fusilli, you crazy bastard! How are you?" - New Yorker Cartoon
12" x 9"
Premium Giclee Print

strongOriginal artwork available for this printstrongbrbrstrongFor original art inquiries please call or email a hrefmailtooriginalartnewyorkerstorecomsubjectRequest for Original ArtworkbodyHelloDDI am interested in purchasing the origial artwork for ProductIDDDBestDConde Nast Store Customer originalartnewyorkerstorecomastrongbrbrSend this cartoon as an online greeting or invitation on a hrefhttpswwwpaperlesspostcomcardsgroupthenewyorkercardppchannelpartnershipsutmmediumreferralutmsourcethenewyorkerutmcampaigncondenastcollectionpaperlesspostcomabrbrPublished November brbrFusilli you crazy bastard How are youbrbrRigatoni pasta talking on phonebrbrPhoto licensed from the Conde Nast Collection home of The New Yorker Vogue Vanity Fair and other popular brands Find this and other artwork at the Conde Nast Collection

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We're your custom frame shop
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