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Bal Nègre-Paul Colin-Premium Edition

Bal NègreBy Paul Colin

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Premium Edition
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About This Piece
The Art
LithographbrSigned by the artistbrbrSigned in pencil by Paul Colin Published in Certificate of authenticity is included This print is a rare and collectable work of art As such it may show minor signs of handling aging or original printing defects It is guaranteed to be in very good condition or better To further inquire about this artwork please a targettop stylecoloref hrefmailtoFineArtartcomSubjectFineArtsend us an emailabrbrThis product is not eligible for discounts or coupon codes

Premium Edition prints are rare and unique works of art - from original pre-war advertisement posters, to contemporary exhibition prints, to out-of-print and hard to find gems. Although not signed or numbered like a limited edition, they often appreciate in value over time due to their rarity and age. Because of the unique history of each item, premium edition prints may show minor signs of handling, aging, or original print defects. Unless otherwise noted, each print is guaranteed to be in good condition or better.
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The Artist
French poster artist Paul Colin (1892 – 1985) and Jazz Age entertainer Josephine Baker mixed business with pleasure—and reaped the rewards. A master of visual communication, Colin was Baker’s lover and long-time friend. He designed the Art Deco poster for Baker’s La Revue Nègre, which introduced jazz music and dance to Paris, launching both of their careers. Hired by the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées, Colin designed 1,900 posters and hundreds of stage sets, mostly for Baker. He created posters for theaters, art, dance, advertisements and charitable causes. Colin also illustrated Baker’s memoirs, which were published in 1927.
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