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Impressions of Women, no. 2
38" x 33"
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Impressions of Women, no. 2-Doo Shik Lee-Limited Edition Framed Print

Impressions of Women, no. 2By Doo Shik Lee

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Limited Edition Framed Print
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About This Piece
The Art
This lithographic print was produced in a limited edition of It is signed and numbered by the artist Printed on Arches paperbr br A lithography printing press gives this fine art print its vivid and sharp appearance The standardized printing plates and proofing process guarantee that each print displays colors precisely as the artist or publisher intended

This collectible limited edition framed print is restricted to a one-time print run and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, providing the art enthusiast with an affordable alternative to original art. A complimentary high-quality frame is individually selected to match the print. Limited editions are produced under the supervision of the artist or master printer, ensuring you receive just what was intended.
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The Artist
Doo Shik Lee, Korean (1947 - )<br/><br/>Prof. Lee, Doo-shik (Ph.D.) belongs to the most important and influential artists of South Korea. He was born at Yeongju in 1947 and studied Fine Art at the Hongik University/ Seoul in the 1960ies. Numerous exhibitions in Asia, America and Europe have made him well- known all over the world. In the 1990ies, his works were shown as part of a group exhibition in Germany for the first time.<br/><br/>At the moment Prof. Lee is dean of the department of Fine Art at the internationally famous Hongik- University. It is obvious that his opinion is highly regarded when looking at his employment as official commissioner of the South Korean foreign Ministry for Art Affairs. Galerie artodrome is proud to present his first Solo exhibition in Germany in its exhibition hall.
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