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Baby Condor II-Victor Delfin-Limited Edition Framed Print

Baby Condor IIBy Victor Delfin

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Limited Edition Framed Print
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About This Piece
The Art
This silkscreen print was produced in a limited edition of It is signed and numbered by the artistbr br Also known as silk screening serigraphy is a process by which multiple layers of ink are manually pressed through fine screens resulting in an art print that resembles a painting on paper

This collectible limited edition framed print is restricted to a one-time print run and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, providing the art enthusiast with an affordable alternative to original art. A complimentary high-quality frame is individually selected to match the print. Limited editions are produced under the supervision of the artist or master printer, ensuring you receive just what was intended.
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The Artist
Victor Delfin, Peruvian (1927 - )<br/><br/>Victor Delfin found the source of his inspiration in the ancient Paracan culture of Peru, part of the broader Incan civilization. Delfin's paintings and tapestries of birds reveals the depth of his pre-Hispanic mythological roots. There is a certain mystery and magical halo that encircles his compositions.<br/><br/>Graphic in analysis, Delfin's paintings translate a conceptual dynamic which identifies with and yet is distingished from folk art. It is an art which springs from roots in the heart and wings in the subconscious. Delfin has captured the sensitivity and deep identification which characterizes the Peruvian Indian relationship with natural forces.<br/><br/>Delfin is proud of his place in the unoroken heritage of Peruvian art from pre-Paracan times to present. He has absorbed this influence and incorporated it into his own expression.
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