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Easter Island I-Aymon de Roussy de Sales-Limited Edition

Easter Island IBy Aymon de Roussy de Sales

Finished Size
28.5" x 21.5"
Ships in 3-5 Days
About This Piece
The Art
ScreenprintbrEdition of and Artists Proof Edition of brSigned and numbered by the artistbrbrThis print is a rare and collectable work of art As such it may show minor signs of handling aging or original printing defects It is guaranteed to be in very good condition or betterbrbrThis product is not eligible for discounts or coupon codes

Providing the art enthusiast with an affordable alternative to original art, this collectible item is limited to a one-time printing.
Product ID: 14774567535A
The Artist
Aymon de Roussy de Sales, American (???? - 200?)<br/><br/>Aymon de Roussy de Sales was born in New York City. He went to school at Allen Stevenson and Choat. He was a major character in the best selling book Chocolates For Breakfast (1955) by Pamela Moore. In 1956 he studied in the South of France with the Albanian abstractionist painter, Chatine Charatsi. After living in London and Kenya with his first wife, Pat Cavindish, daughter of Lady Kenmare, he traveled to Mexico where he came in contact with the beat poet Phillip Lamantia in 1961 and drew inspiration from the ceremonies of the Yaqui and Mayan Indians.<br/>He lived in the south of Spain from 1962 – 1967 where he introduced “Happenings” at the Bar Central in Torremolinos and helped create a movie, “Torremolinos.” He had several art exhibitions in Marbella and Madrid, married Isabel Equidazu and had two daughters, Chantal and Monica de Sales.
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