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Untitled-Darrell Hill-Framed Premium Giclee Print

UntitledBy Darrell Hill

Frame Details
Siena Silver Frame, 2.5" Crisp - Bright White Mat
Finished Size
20.5" x 17.0"
Ships in 3-5 Days
About This Piece
The Frame: Siena Silver
A gently sloped silver face adds a modern edge to the distressed rustic sides of Siena wood frames.. This bright white mat board has a crisp white core and is buffered to resist aging.
Material Type:
2.5" Crisp - Bright White Mat
Acrylic: Clear
Finished Size:
20.5" x 17.0"
The Art
This framed print features a frame and mat combination selected to complement your art. The print, which displays sharp, vivid images and a high degree of color accuracy, is protected and enhanced by this frame that has been handcrafted in the USA from the finest materials.
Product ID: 19002731853A
The Artist
Paradise descends from the heavens and alights in the tropical imagery of Bold Impressionist Darrell Hill. Living in Hawaii, Hill paints the beaches, florals, landscapes and native people of his captivating home. An artist for 20 years, Hill strives to transform light and color into emotion in his bright, welcoming works. His mastery of color theory and technique led to gallery sales of his paintings, and as demand increased, he channeled his energy into larger paintings, many of which are more than 9-feet tall. Hill’s radiant works have been featured in magazines, gallery shows, and private and public collections throughout the United States, Japan and Europe.
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We're your custom frame shop
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