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Flower Burst-Michael Chase-Framed Giclee Print

Flower BurstBy Michael Chase

Image size:
18.2" x 14.9"
Paper type:
Giclee Print
Ships in 3-5 Days
About This Piece
The Frame: Brett Stone
Our handsome Brett wood frames have a simple, modern design and a neutral slate gray finish.. This bright white mat board has a crisp white core and is buffered to resist aging.
Material Type:
Print Size:
24.0" x 18.0"
2.5" Crisp - Bright White Mat
Acrylic: Clear
Finished Size:
25.0" x 22.0"
The Art
Flower burst Chase Michael Contemporary Artist Private Collection The Bridgeman Art Library

This framed print features a frame and mat combination selected to complement your art. The print, which displays sharp, vivid images and a high degree of color accuracy, is protected and enhanced by this frame that has been handcrafted in the USA from the finest materials.
Product ID: 21296944751A
The Artist
Michael Chase's (1915-2001) artistic career started late after his service as an officer in the army throughout World War II. By happy chance he was able to manage and direct important art galleries and centres from 1948-74 and had close contact with many leading artists of the day - all this providing the background of his artistic education as opposed to more conventional study in specialised schools. Despite drawing and painting all his life whenever possible, he did not commence day to day work as a painter until 1976 when he was utterly captivated by the medium of water colour and it's infinite possibilities. His innovative use of large tubes of paint rather than tiny pans of colour in a box, as well as all sorts of brushes from the house painting variety on down, almost immediately opened doors and invitations to exhibit followed non-stop.
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We're your custom frame shop
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