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Nicolaus Copernicus, Polish Astronomer
24" x 18"
About This Piece
The Art
Nicolaus Copernicus observing a lunar eclipse in Rome Italy in Copernicus was a Polish astronomer who studied in both Poland and Italy Later he began the revolution that overthrew more than years of astronomical thought Since the time of Ptolemy in the second century AD the Earth had been considered to be the immovable centre of the universe From Copernicus developed his heliocentric theory where the Earth was one of several planets moving around the Sun Copernicus feared persecution by the Roman Catholic Church and delayed publication of his book The Revolution of the Heavenly Spheres until he was near death He received his copy from the printers on the day he died The book was banned by the Roman Catholic church from until Engraving from the edition of Vies des Savants Illustres

This giclée print delivers a vivid image with maximum color accuracy and exceptional resolution. The standard for museums and galleries around the world, giclée is a printing process where millions of ink droplets are “sprayed” onto high-quality paper. With the great degree of detail and smooth transitions of color gradients, giclée prints appear much more realistic than other reproduction prints. The high-quality paper (235 gsm) is acid free with a smooth surface.  
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