Allegro Bronze Frame

Dandelion Taraxacum officinale seed head Each seed is topped by a parachute of fine hairs a pappus which allows them to be widely dispersed by the wind In the background are forgetmenot flowers Myosotis sp Photographed in the UK

Botanical Art

Craving Daffodils in the fall, or Snowdrops in the spring? We got you. Grow a fantastical garden of your favorite blooms all year long with our gorgeous botanical art. From sublime collages to vintage illustration, our collection of botanicals become wall-ready in our handcrafted frames.

Before photography became a thing, illustrations of plants, flowers were the only way of recording, identifying the various kinds of plant species in the world. Pierre-Joseph Redouté, Maria Sibylla Merian, Annie Pratt are some of the most prolific botanical artists of the past.

Dandelion Seed Head-Georgette Douwma-Framed Photographic Print

Work by Georgette Douwma

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