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Dahlia 'Bergers Record' Flower
24" x 18"
Dahlia 'Bergers Record' Flower-Maxine Adcock-Framed Photographic Print
Chelsea White Frame

Dahlia flower Dahlia Bergers Record Dahlias are ornamental flowers that have been cultivated in a wide variety of shapes and colours This is a red cultivar that has a cactus flower shape narrow petals

Botanical Art

Craving Daffodils in the fall, or Snowdrops in the spring? We got you. Grow a fantastical garden of your favorite blooms all year long with our gorgeous botanical art. From sublime collages to vintage illustration, our collection of botanicals become wall-ready in our handcrafted frames.

Before photography became a thing, illustrations of plants, flowers were the only way of recording, identifying the various kinds of plant species in the world. Pierre-Joseph Redouté, Maria Sibylla Merian, Annie Pratt are some of the most prolific botanical artists of the past.