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Penguin Breeding Colony Research
24" x 18"
Penguin Breeding Colony Research-Charlotte Main-Framed Photographic Print
Chelsea Espresso Frame

Penguin breeding colony research with researchers and photographers in the background Located at St Andrews Bay this is the largest breeding colony of king penguins Aptenodytes patagonicus on South Georgia Recording tags attached to fledging juveniles transmit data by satellite Studies here and at other king penguin colonies reveal the foraging patterns of these birds This penguin is found in Antarctic and subAntarctic regions It is a social animal living and breeding in large colonies of thousands of individuals

Animal Art

Keep your furry and feathery friends close, whether they are a galloping stallion or a dog taking a selfie. Our gallery is here to turn empty walls into a cute and quirky display of animal art.

Psst! Did you know chimpanzees, elephants, and dolphins are some of the most intelligent mammals out there?

Scenic Art

Why settle for blank walls, when you can transform them into stunning vista points. Explore from imaginative scenic abstracts to sublime beach landscapes captured on camera. The possibilities are endless. The painterly quality of our canvas creates an almost life-like panorama, so you can enjoy your favorite scenery without leaving home.

Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night is one of the most renowned scenic masterpieces. Other famous landscape artists and photographers include Georgia O'Keeffe, Ansel Adams, and Claude Monet.

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We're your custom frame shop
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