Prayer-Moshe Elazar Castel-Limited Edition

PrayerBy Moshe Elazar Castel

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About This Piece
The Art
LithographbrEdition of brSigned by the artistbrbrPublished in This print is a rare and collectable work of art As such it may show minor signs of handling aging or original printing defects It is guaranteed to be in very good condition or betterbrbrThis product is not eligible for discounts or coupon codes

Providing the art enthusiast with an affordable alternative to original art, this collectible item is limited to a one-time printing.
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The Artist
Moshe Elazar Castel born in Jerusalem in 1909, to his <br/>father Rabbi Yehuda Castel and his mother Rachel. <br/>Descendant of a Spanish family which came from Castiie <br/>to establish themselves in Israel in 1492. <br/><br/>The family lived for many generations in Hebron. His father <br/>Rabbi Yehuda Castel who was born in Hebron was a scholar and outstanding Herbalist, wrote parchment and Torah scrolls. <br/>He arrived in Paris in 1927 with the help of his brother Yosef. <br/>Attended the Academie Julien and studied at the Louvre Museum. <br/>After 13 years of work in Paris, he returned to Israel in 1940, settled in <br/>Safed a medieval town of Zohar and Kaballa.<br/><br/>Castel was born in 1909 in Jerusalem and died in 1992. He lived in Paris from 1927 until 1940. There he used the backdrop of the street scenes for his subject matter and exhibited his paintings in the salons of Paris.
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