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Changing Sexuality (Triptych)
102" x 46"
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Changing Sexuality (Triptych)-Richard Lindner-Serigraph

Changing Sexuality (Triptych)By Richard Lindner

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About This Piece
The Art
Screenprint This fine art print is produced in a limited edition of 100 prints. "Changing Sexuality", the Lindner prints, are characteristic of his mature monumental style. The works are produced in thirteen colors, silkscreened on three panels, each 46 inches high by 34 inches wide. When each panel is hung or mounted sidebyside it is 102 inches wide. Signed and not numbered. Sold as a set only. Published in 1973. Certificate of authenticity is included. Condition B (very good condition, with signs of handling or age). To further inquire about this artwork please send us an email. This product is not eligible for discounts or coupon codes.

This serigraph is an artisan print with a stunning paint-like vibrancy and viscosity. Also known as screen printing or silk screening, serigraphy is a printing process by which inks are forced through a mesh screen and applied to the surface of the print. The result is a brilliantly hued work of art that retains its beauty for a lifetime.
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The Artist
Richard Lindner, German/American (1901 - 1978)<br/><br/>Painter Richard Lindner's highly idiosyncratic work incorporates elements of his personal history, as well as literary associations. The element of introspection separates his work from pop art.<br/><br/>He was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1901 to an American mother and a German father. After a brief career as a concert pianist, in 1925 Lindner entered the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Eventually, he became an art director for Knorr & Hirth, a publisher closely associated with the Nazis. There, Lindner met high-ranking Nazis, including Hitler.<br/><br/>The day after the Nazis came to power in 1933, he fled to Paris, where he was imprisoned. To prove his loyalty, he served in the French and British armies. Finally, in 1941, he arrived in New York City.
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