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Twiggy Wearing Dolly Dress with Pink Ribbons (By Paul Babb and Pamela Proctor) February 17, 1967
12" x 18"

Twiggy wearing dolly dress with pink ribbons (by Paul Babb and Pamela Proctor) February 17, 1967 Bridgeman Images

People Art

If you could have dinner with someone famous, who would you choose? A social justice icon, a movie star, or a celebrated artist. Whomever you choose, our extensive people art collection will bring them at just a click! So, get ready to create an inspired space with the ones that encourage you.

People art is any photograph, painting that’s an artistic or true-to-life representation of people or groups. Our most popular people art include an exclusive illustration of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, black and white portraits of Frida Kahlo, and Elvis Presley, amongst many others.