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Stacy Milrany. Stacy Milrany specializes in wandering around and taking lots of notes. Much of her work comes from careful observation of her daily life and the people she encounters. Shell often jot down impressions about the world as she sees it or remembers it. And usually toss these scribbledon, 3x5 index cards back into her bagrediscovering them hours or years later. If they still move her or make her laugh, sometimes shell draw and paint them. Milrany hopes her work sheds light on the beauty of imperfectionin ourselves, in each other and in the world. And that it may give people an occasion to reflect on their own experiences to remind us that were all living in this absurd, beautiful life togetheras one handsome herd of crackpots.

Animal Art

Keep your furry and feathery friends close, whether they are a galloping stallion or a dog taking a selfie. Our gallery is here to turn empty walls into a cute and quirky display of animal art.

Psst! Did you know chimpanzees, elephants, and dolphins are some of the most intelligent mammals out there?

Figurative Art

Think reality delights? You bet your walls do too. So, why not introduce them to our collection of figurative art. Make acquaintance with inspiring muses of famous masters or get a glimpse of pop culture icons caught on camera. Any masterpieces you choose will give your space a unique story to share in our handcrafted frames.

This genre of art involves a realistic depiction of living as well as inanimate objects. Artists like Jean Michel Basquiat, Norman Rockwell, and Banksy are renowned for giving a platform to cultural commentary and human experiences through their art.

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