New Room Decor Trend: The Ancient Greek Aesthetic (and How to Make It Yours)

Gallery wall with Greek statue art

Greek chic is the 2023 decor trend to know! The Ancient Greek aesthetic is trending in home decor, taking inspiration from the cool gaze of a Greek bust, fascinating mythological tales, intricate designs of ancient urns, and the ideal perfection of the human form celebrated through sculpture.

Whether you call it Greek chic, ancient aesthetic, or Hellenistic revival, this trend is all about mixing old-world style with modern sensibilities.

Why is Ancient Greece trending?

Ancient Greeks have long been celebrated for their unique contributions to the world of art and architecture, along with design, philosophy, literature, drama, sports, mathematics, and science. Much of what we know today has roots in ancient Greece, which might be why we love it so much.

Classical styles also bring us comfort in times of upheaval and stress, which might be another reason why this look is back in the spotlight. What’s old always becomes new again—especially when it looks this good!

How to Get the Greek Chic Aesthetic

It’s easier than you’d think to bring an old-world (but not boring or stuffy) style to your space. Read on for tips on how to update your home with this fresh, yet classic look inspired by ancient Greek motifs, imagery, and aesthetics.


Collection of Ancient greek statue art

1. Greek Statue Wall Art

Not everyone has room for a life-sized marble sculpture in their home or the money to ship one from Greece! The good news is, that paintings, photographs, and drawings of Grecian sculptures look just as cool in your space. Try Greek statue wall art for a refreshing take on this look with life-like prints of nude figures in the classic Greek style.

Ancient greek god wall art hung in a bedroom

A woodcut print of the Ancient Greek God Hypnosis is the perfect addition to a bedroom.

2. Greek Gods, Goddesses, and Mythological Figures

Greek mythology is undoubtedly one of the major cultural influences Greece has had on the world. Powerful gods and goddesses (like Zeus, Ares, Apollo, Athena, Poseidon, and Aphrodite) from ancient Greek culture are still celebrated today. Consider dedicating wall space in your home to one (or many) of your favorite mythological stories or figures. Aphrodite aesthetic, anyone?

Greek statue wall art collection

3. Mix Old and New

Ancient Greek art continues to inspire modern artists around the world. Look for new art that re-interprets or incorporates classical Mediterranean imagery and columns for a fun, modern variation of this trend.

ancient greek architecture wall art

4. Greek Architecture Photography

Greek architecture is iconic—that’s why it’s still replicated today. You’ve likely seen Corinthian or Ionic columns on the facades of important buildings like universities, capitol buildings (hello White House), or banks. Photographs of architectural details or even famous Greek sites like the Parthenon bring classic elegance and a worldly look to your space. Try black and white photographs for added drama!

Art featuring greek urn designs

5. Greek Urn Decor

Grecian pottery is a world of its own, with ancient artists telling complex stories about their culture and beliefs through their imagery. The stark black figure or red figure paintings found on some ancient vessels are gorgeous and would make interesting backdrops for modern homes. An easy way to add this look to your ancient Greek aesthetic is to combine art prints of urn decorations with curvy vases or pedestal-style containers.

Now you have a little (ancient) history on the Greek chic aesthetic and easy ways to make it yours!