10 Creative & Easy Family Photo Wall Ideas Using Frame My Photos

Do you want a meaningful gallery wall? Create one with framed photos of your family and friends. Custom framed photos are a perfect way to personalize your space and fill your blank walls with memories. Are you on the hunt for picture wall ideas? Here are 10 creative ideas to frame and display your family photos.

Why frame family photos?

Framing your photos makes those precious memories last forever and custom framed pictures make excellent gifts. Whether it's for a special birthday, anniversary, graduation, or a holiday gift, your loved one will be impressed by the professional look and personal touch of their new framed masterpiece. Framing photos is easy and fun with our online Frame My Photos service.

gallery wall of family photos above a console table

1. A Perfect Grid Gallery Wall

Showcase a series of photos with similar themes or colors in a classic grid layout. This simple display is perfect for commemorating special occasions like your wedding, new baby, or once-in-a-lifetime family vacation.

Designer tip: Since this layout is very structured, it's best if all the photos are the same size, and orientation, and have similar frames and matting. This will make your gallery photo wall feel more cohesive.

living room with a family photo hung above the sofa

2. Canvas Family Photo

Turn your treasured family portrait—or annual Christmas card photo—into a work of art on canvas. We love canvas because it instantly elevates any image and is also quite affordable even for larger-sized prints.

With Art.com, your photo will be printed on 100% cotton canvas and hand-stretched over solid pine supports. Only the best for your beautiful photos!

gallery wall of family photos above the sofa

3. Organic-Shaped Photo Gallery

This is a more traditional approach to gallery walls. Highlight what's important to you—friends, family, or even pets. This is great if you're building out your gallery wall over time, as the organic shape will always look intentional and can easily be added to.

Try an assortment of different photo sizes, photo orientations, and frame styles. We love this idea hung over your living room sofa.

bench with a grid of family photos hung above

4. Masonry Grid Gallery Wall

For something polished yet more laid-back than a perfect grid, try a masonry grid gallery wall. This layout is based on a staggered brick pattern—hence the term masonry! Use a mix of photo orientations and heights, but keep the same width so you can achieve even columns (Hot tip: we offer standardized frame sizes to make this part easy).

Designer tip: Do you like a more polished look? Use all the same frame. Do you prefer something more playful and unexpected? Use a mix of different frame styles.

reading nook design with a family photo wall

5. Vertical Photo Stack (AKA Mini Gallery Wall)

Use that empty corner or narrow wall space to tell a story. Arrange your photos in a single column for a mini photo gallery wall. Consider displaying pictures from travel adventures or showcase your kids through the years.

Designer tip: Combine a mix of frame shapes, sizes, and colors for personalized style!

reading nook with two chairs and wall mounted shelves filled with decor and framed photos

6. Layered Shelf “Shelfie” Photo Gallery

Floating shelves arranged with mounted or leaning frames at varying depths create this on-trend look. Choose from varying frame sizes and styles, and then mix it up by adding printed quotes or art alongside your family photos.

This is a great option if you like to rearrange frequently as you can easily swap in new images and move them around with more flexibility!

family photo triptych

7. Family Picture Wall Triptych

A sophisticated option for large, open wall spaces, triptychs are a group of three coordinating panels that are separate yet designed to be displayed together. Choose three images that have a single theme (like your three pets) or a common feature to unite the look. 

Picture frame gallery wall hung above a bench

8. Pictures With Exaggerated Matting

For a designer feel, adjust the width of your mats to be extra wide (psst—this is super easy to do with our Frame My Photo service). Exaggerated matting gives small photos a sense of drama. This look works well with a square format like social media pics or vintage film photos.

Picture wall of 6 black and white photos with blue matts

9. Framed Family Photos With Colorful Matting

Have black and white photos to frame? Surround them with color to make the black-and-white images pop with custom color matting! We offer several options from which to choose when designing your framed photos.

Family photo gallery wall hung above a staircase

10. Staircase Photo Gallery Wall

Tell your family's story with a gallery wall, grid, or oversized prints of your favorite photos hung above your staircase. This is a great space to get a close-up look at family memories and show them off to guests touring your home.

Consider arranging memories chronologically, starting with recent photos at the bottom and older ones at the top, so you travel back in time as you ascend the staircase.

Ready to create your family photo picture wall?

Hopefully, these ideas inspired you to turn your digital pictures into a framed family photo gallery wall filled with memories that last forever.

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