From Blank to Beautiful: Tips for Adding Wall Art to Your Living Room

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Picture this: You’ve found the perfect sofa, coffee table, and rug for your living room. Now, the last thing you need to bring the space together is art, but you’re not sure where to start. We get it—it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the abundance of options out there. But all it takes is a bit of planning and consideration. Keep reading to learn how to choose wall art for your living room

How to choose living room art 

The one rule for choosing artwork for your home? There are no rules! Follow your heart and pick pieces based on these 3 things. 

1. Your interior style 

Social media is great for discovering and identifying your interior style. Save inspiration and try to recreate these looks in your space. 

2. Your focal point 

Have a stunning fireplace? Or maybe you scored a rare sofa at an estate sale. Whatever your focal point may be, arrange your artwork around it to draw attention to its beauty.  

3. Your living room’s dimensions 

To choose art by size, our general guideline is to ensure your piece(s) take up 50%-75% of the wall space or furniture’s width. For example, art that’s 42”-63” wide is ideal for an 84” sofa. 

How do you arrange art on a living room wall? 

Now that you’ve collected your pieces, it’s time to decide on an arrangement. Follow this mini step-by-step guide to create a look you love.  

Step 1: Get “krafty!” 

Cut kraft paper in the shapes of your artwork. Number each sheet that corresponds to your art. 

Step 2: Plan it out. 

Tape your kraft sheets to the wall above your focal point in different layouts. Curator tip: Give your wall art room to breathe by placing them 3-6” apart and 60” above the floor. 


Step 3: Nail it! 

When hanging your art, minimizing wall damage is tricky but doable! Use a laser tool to ensure level hanging and periodically check your work if you’re hanging several pieces.  

How do you balance wall art in a living room? 

Finding the right visual balance for your art is key. Here are a few tips to keep in mind. 

  1. The eye tends to look from left to right, so hang your largest pieces at the bottom or on the left side of your arrangement. 
  2. If your layout is even-numbered, arrange your artwork around the largest one to balance the visual weight. 
  3. Alternate large pieces with small ones or create symmetry by using same-size pieces like bookends. 


Now you know how to pick wall art for your living room and are ready to gather inspo! has a limitless collection of high-quality fine art for every room and style.