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Common Crab
16" x 16"
Premium Photographic Print

Common crab Underside of the Common or Rock crab Cancer pagurus also known as the Edible crab for its tasty meat With a yellowwhite underside and redbrown colour on top the claw tips on its powerful pincers are black The Common crab is a relative of the swimming crabs but lacks flattened paddles on its hind limbs and consequently it is only a moderate swimmer It prefers to eat mussels but also feeds on worms other molluscs algae and carrion It lives mostly around the shore on stone and gravel bottoms ranging from the coasts of Norway Britain France and Portugal through to the Mediterranean

Animal Art

Keep your spirit animal close, whether they are a galloping stallion or a dog taking a selfie. Our collection of animal art is here to turn empty walls into a cute and quirky display of your love for our furry and feathery friends.

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Scenic Art

Why settle for blank walls, when you can transform them into stunning vista points. Explore from imaginative scenic abstracts sublime beach landscapes captured on camera. The possibilities are endless. The painterly quality of our canvas creates an almost life-like panorama, so you can enjoy your favorite scenery without leaving home.

Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night is one of the most renowned scenic masterpieces. Other famous landscape artists and photographers include Georgia O'Keeffe, Ansel Adams, and Claude Monet.

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We're your custom frame shop
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