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Astronaut on Moon with Earth
12" x 18"
Photographic Print

Walking on the Moon. Composite image of astronaut David R. Scott walking on the Moon during the Apollo 15 mission, with Earth in the background. The Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV), used for the first time on this mission, is right of Scott. Apollo 15 landed in the HadleyApennine region on 30 July 1971. During their 67hour stay on the Moon, Scott and James B. Irwin (who took the photograph of Scott) made three excursions totalling 18 hours 35 minutes. The LRV enabled them to travel a total of 28 kilometres. They took numerous samples of lunar soil on this journey. Apollo 15 returned to Earth on 7 August 1971. Alfred M. Worden piloted the Command Module (not seen).

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