Is It Weird to Hang Wall Art in the Bathroom? (And Other Questions Answered About Bathroom Art)

So…is it weird to put pictures in your bathroom? This might seem like a strange place to hang art, but it's one of our favorites! Where else can you hang one artwork and consider the room fully decorated? But hanging art in the bathroom requires a little more thought and attention than other spaces in your home. With a few simple guidelines, you can feel confident your art will be safe and your bathroom will look great. Let's dive in!

Bathroom with a painting hung above the tub

Can you hang art in a bathroom?

Yes! Your bathroom should be aesthetically pleasing and even inspiring. Artwork is more than welcome here. After all, this is the room where you start your day! Treat it like a personal retreat and decorate it however you choose. It's also a great place to show off your decorating chops, as you often have a captive audience in the form of guests who will be sure to compliment you on your curatorial choices!

What kind of artwork is good for a bathroom?

Of course, some practical issues accompany hanging art in the bathroom, such as the size of the space and the steam factor. But those can easily be surmounted if you know these simple rules about what kind of art is good for a bathroom:

Do Consider the Elements

Water, water everywhere! One reason you may not have thought of adding art to your bath is that water can ruin unprotected art. There are a few practical tips to keep in mind.

Don't hang original art or antiques here. Steam isn't great for original paintings or works on paper, so anything that's highly valuable might be better suited to the living room.

Canvas art that's finished with a latex coating is a great option for bathrooms along with framed prints that have a fully sealed back. Psst! All art from checks these boxes!

Wood mount art is another bathroom-proof option. This technique bonds an image to a piece of hardboard, and the result is a glossy surface that's easy to wipe down, highly durable, and completely moisture-proof.

Intimate Room. Intimate Scale.

We recommend smaller art for such an intimate room. You want this to be a relaxing space, so a small piece of art will fill the void without overwhelming the room. Most people also don't have cavernous bathrooms, so small art is much more likely to fit easily onto your walls!

Learn more about what size art is best for different rooms in our art size guide!

Keep Your Audience in Mind

For an ahhh-inspiring guest bath, keep it serene with a neutral figurative piece like Spa Day III by Bridges, or add a splash of color with a piece like Albert Koetsier's Royal Purple Gentian Trio. If you host friends who have a "cheeky" sense of humor, they'll be delighted by the funny black and white Pipi Pigeon photo by Robert Doisneau.

Don't forget your kid's bath! The same kind of charming artwork that works in your child's playroom fits here as well. Whimsical images like Jo Perry's Bathtime are perfect for younger tots while Lucia Heffernan's Pooping on People is a hilarious addition kids will love.

What art style is good in a bath or powder room?

There's no wrong answer here! You can use your bathroom's style as a theme such as choosing mid-century style artwork for your vintage bath. Or, go for a spa vibe with meditation art or abstracts in water-inspired colors. You can also extend your home's overall style into your bath. It's all up to you!

Don't feel wedded to a theme. Let your choice of art color palette and subject matter create the look you want. If you don't want to hang bathroom-related art in the bathroom, consider this permission to go off-script! Get creative with a print of the Mona Lisa, nude figurative art, or an abstract expressionist print you love.

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Where should pictures be placed in a bathroom?

You can hang artwork anywhere you have open wall space that isn't directly in the line of fire—or water—from your shower. Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

  • Above the toilet or directly across from it
  • Next to the mirror or a window
  • Above a towel rack
  • Propped on a shelf next to your toiletries
  • Above a towel rack
  • Above the bathtub, if you don't have a shower
  • Any blank wall!

Now that you know you can and should decorate with wall art in the bath or powder room, have fun polishing up the place! Are you looking for more art-hanging ideas? Get the scoop on 8 of our favorite places to hang art and don't miss our complete guide to how to hang art.