Where to Hang Art: 3 Key Tips + 8 Great Places to Hang Your Art

Mid-century living room with animal art hung above a bar cart

Do you have blank walls? We know the feeling. Staring at blank walls, wondering what to fill them with can be intimidating. Sure, you know where your furniture goes (or most of it anyway), but to make this space feel like it's complete and personal, you need art on those walls!

Where to hang your art can be tricky, but fret not! We've got you covered with 3 key rules for hanging art and 8 ideas on the best wall spaces to fill if you're stuck. Will the art-hanging police be after you for breaking any of these rules? Nope. It's all about enjoying art in your home, so where it hangs should cater to you.

Read on to learn best practices for where to hang art on any wall!

If you need help with the nuts and bolts of getting your art on the walls, start with how to hang art. Not sure what size art should go where? Get some handy guidelines on how to choose the right size art.

Diagram showing art should be hung 60

Art Hanging Question #1: How high should I hang my art?

Hanging your art at eye level gives you the best visual experience. For most, this is about 5 feet (or roughly 60 inches) from the center of the art to the floor.

But, it's your home, so if you're a little taller or shorter, hang your art at your eye level. It's all about placing the art where you can see it best!

Diagram showing a living room with art hung 4-6

Art Hanging Question #2: How high should I hang art above furniture?

If you're hanging a piece of art over a piece of furniture, like a sofa or credenza for example, you'll want to skip the eye-level rule and hang your art in relation to the piece it's crowning.

Instead, hang your art about 4–6" inches above the top of whatever furniture you're arranging it over. You want the art and your furniture to be a cohesive design unit. Too close and they will visually compete. Too far away and they'll seem separated.

Diagram showing art should be two-third's the width of the object it is hung over

Art Hanging Question #3: How wide should my art be?

The golden rule is that art should be approximately two-thirds the width of the available wall space or whatever object it's hanging over. If you're hanging art over a sofa, credenza, or fireplace mantel, the art should be about two-thirds the width of the furniture and centered over the furniture—not the wall.

5 Essential Places to Hang Art (+ 3 Bonus, Unexpected Ideas too)

According to our in-house team of art and design experts, here are five go-to places to hang art. If you just moved or are starting your home gallery from scratch, these are great places to consider filling up first! Plus we included three off-the-beaten-path, bonus ideas too!

Mid-century living room with blue walls and a leather sofa with blue abstract art hung over the sofa

1. Crown Your Sofa with Art

The living room is where you relax as a family and host casual gatherings. Conversation-starting art hung over your sofa or sectional makes the art the focal point of the entire room.

Designer Recommendation: Horizontal landscape paintings are best here, as they complement the proportions of a sofa.

Living room with black walls and a peacock painting hung over the fireplace

2. Adorn Your Fireplace Mantel

It's the centerpiece of the room and is designed to host art. For a more casual look, prop or lean canvas art on the mantel.

Designer Recommendation: Go for a portrait piece here as most fireplace mantels are taller than they are wide.

Modern farmhouse dining room with sailboat wall art

3. Dress Your Dining Room for Dinner

The dining room is a great place for a gallery wall of framed prints or paintings. Hang your art a little lower than the recommended 60" up from the floor because you'll be enjoying your art while seated.

Contemporary bedroom with bold art hung above the bed

4. Rise and Shine with Art Above Your Bed

This is the perfect space for art you love. If your headboard is tall or you live in an earthquake zone, try two smaller pendant pieces above your nightstands instead.

Designer Recommendation: This is a space just for you (and maybe your partner or pet) so choose art that you really love! Many people prefer calming colors like blues or greens in the bedroom versus reds and oranges, which can feel more intense.

Mid-century modern dining room with a credenza in a nook with fun art

5. Elevate Your Look with Art Over a Credenza

The blank walls above these horizontal furniture pieces are just begging for art! Go canvas for an artsy look, or framed art for more polish.

Home office with a desk and bookcase

Bonus Idea #6: Hidden Treasure Art

Nestle a small art piece into a bookcase for a fun, unexpected display that will be a unique, eye-catching attraction. It's a great way to ensure any guests know you have great taste!

Designer Recommendation: Try a small piece of square art here. Consider choosing a print with lots of detail. This will force viewers to get up close to inspect it, which works with the intimate bookcase setting nicely!

Staircase with a small home office tucked into the nook below

Bonus Idea #7: Art Surprise

Hang art at the end of a hallway or on top of a staircase to make the long walk or climb up more interesting.

Bathroom with a painting hung above the tub

Bonus Idea #8: Freshen up Your Bathroom

Have fun with playful framed art here (great for a guest or kid's bathroom) or go for relaxing spa vibes.

Designer Recommendation: Play with the theme of bathrooms and consider art that features water in some way!

Get more tips on what art to hang in a bathroom!

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