Framed Prints vs Canvas Art: Which Is Best For You?

Mid-century modern dining room with blue and orange color scheme

You're ready to elevate your living space by adding art to the walls. Fantastic! You are now the official curator of your home art collection.

Choosing the art you like is all about your intuition. Selecting the best size art for your space isn't as hard as it sounds, just check out the helpful tips in our Art Size Guide. Now, it's time to decide how to finish your art, which is a fancy way of saying do you want a framed print, stretched on canvas, or maybe something more durable like a wood mount. Our two most popular "finishes" are canvas art and framed prints. And with two great options, picking your favorite can be tricky!

The good news is that you can't make a wrong choice. Each finish option appeals to different aesthetics and different peoples' styles. To help you make the right choice for you, here are some quick tips on how to choose if framing or canvas is right for you.

Mid-century modern dining room with blue and orange color scheme

Framed Prints For a Polished Look

For traditional and elegant rooms, framed prints are a great choice. All prints are printed on premium papers and with premium inks, so you'll be sure to receive art with vivid colors and intricate details (no grainy or pixelated prints here).

When it comes to frame options, we have many styles and colors to choose from—all made of solid wood or metal and handcrafted in the USA!

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The Pros of Framed Prints

  • Traditional polish: If you are looking for a classic finishing touch for your decor, framed art is for you! This finish option offers a signature polish that looks great in any room.
  • Lightweight design: Our small to medium-sized frames are relatively lightweight so are easy to hang and easy on your walls!
  • Highly customizable: We offer a range of frames, matting colors, and styles, so you can achieve the look suited to your room.


Mid-century modern dining room with blue and orange color scheme

Go Artsy With Canvas

Canvas offers an artsy vibe that blends into any setting. All canvases are printed on artist-grade, 100% cotton canvas (not plastic here) and are hand-stretched over solid wood stretchers. Hang your canvas as-is or upgrade with a float mount frame for a designer look.

The Pros of Canvas Art

  • Fade- & glare-resistant: Our canvas prints use fade-resistant latex inks so you can hang them anywhere without worrying about color wear or sunlight glare.
  • Original art appeal: Many original masterpieces are painted on canvas. Adding one to your space brings the sophistication of an original painting (of course, without the original painting price tag).
  • Durable: No need to save art for the fancy rooms in your home. Our canvases are durable enough for even high-traffic areas.


image of a mid-century living room with a colorful painting hung above a wood credenza

Canvas vs. Framed Canvas

How to decide between framed and unframed canvas art? Here are some quick points to consider!

  • Both options are high-quality and come ready to hang.
  • If you need a piece that is lightweight, budget-friendly and fits effortlessly into any space, then the unframed canvas is for you.
  • If you want that final touch of refinement, and you're ready to invest in the best-quality, elegant art that lasts, then framed canvas is for you.


When deciding among framed prints, canvas art, or framed canvas, consider the location, your style, and your art budget. Ultimately, there's no wrong answer, it's all about your style preference! Not sure where to hang your art? Here are 8 of our favorite places!