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Diagram of Copernican CosmologyBy Science Photo Library

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Diagram showing the solar system according to Copernican theory Nicolas Copernicus was a Polish astronomer He noted that the standard Ptolemaic model of the universe with the Earth at the centre had many inaccuracies He developed a much simpler model in which the Sun became the centre of the universe with all of the planets orbiting in circular motions A good Catholic he feared that these ideas would be branded as heretical and so did not publish until just before his death His book De Revolutionibus Orbium Caelestiumins banned by the Catholic Church from to is now considered the first of the Age of Science

This photographic print leverages sophisticated digital technology to capture a level of detail that is absolutely stunning. The colors are vivid and pure. The high-quality archival paper, a favorite choice among professional photographers, has a refined luster quality.
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