Product Types

From archival inks and acid-free paper to the latest printing technologies, we’re serious about quality. Learn about our product types below.

Art on Acrylic

Images on acrylic have a modern and striking translucent quality. The image is printed on archival-quality photo paper and then mounted on flame-edge acrylic.

Art on Metal

The metal is artfully exposed throughout the image to let lustrous silver highlights shine through. Ready to hang with a float-mounted back.

Art Print

Created with high-quality printing techniques for a vivid and sharp image, this versatile art print strikes a balance between quality and affordability.

Framed Art Print

Our professional designers have pre-selected this frame and mat combination to complement your art print. Each piece is hand-framed by framing experts right here in the USA.

Framed Canvas Print

We print the image on artist-grade canvas, finish it with cleanly wrapped painted sides and a UV-protective coating, and suspend it in a custom-made float frame.

Giclée Print

This exceptional art print was made using a sophisticated giclée printing process, which delivers pure, rich color and remarkable detail.

Limited Edition Print

Limited to a single printing of a certain number of pieces, this print is a collectible piece of art. A certificate of authenticity accompanies the print.

Mounted Print

Durable and contemporary, this art print is mounted on a thick wood board and laminated with a UV-protective film. Beveled edges provide an attractive finish.

Photographic Print

Digitally printed on archival-quality paper, this photographic print provides vivid color and exceptional detail worthy of a museum or gallery.

Premium Giclée Print

Printed on thick, premium watercolor paper, this stunning print was made using a giclée printing process that delivers pure, rich color and remarkable detail.

Premium Photographic Print

Digitally printed on high-gloss premium paper, this photographic print has a unique silver pearlescent finish and provides stunning visual impact and depth.

Premium Poster

Providing excellent color and detail, this reproduction is printed on premium-grade poster paper, which is far thicker than standard poster paper.

Stretched Canvas Print

Artist-grade canvas is stretched and adhered to the face of our designer wood frame to add depth and dimension to the art.

Other Product Types

In addition to prints we create in our facilities, our merchants source products ranging from vintage prints to expertly created serigraphs.


A lithograph is created using a printing technique based on the principle that oil and water do not mix. Using oil-based ink or a grease crayon, an image is drawn on a flat stone or metal plate. Water is applied to the surface and is repelled by the areas where oil-based images have been drawn. The entire surface is then coated with an oil-based ink that adheres only to the areas drawn in oil, ink, or crayon. The image is then printed on paper. Lithography became a popular printing technique because thousands of exact replicas could be made that were like drawings on paper, without degradation of the image. Offset lithography is an industrialized version of the same printing technique as lithography.


This gallery-quality art print was created using serigraphy, also known as silk screening, which produces a bold and vibrant paint-like layer of ink.

Tin Sign

Versatile and durable tin signs are lightweight and easy to hang. Featuring timeless shapes and images, tin signs make a unique addition to your décor.