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About This Piece
The Art
LithographbrEdition of brSigned and numbered by the artistbrbrThis print is a rare and collectable work of art As such it may show minor signs of handling aging or original printing defects It is guaranteed to be in very good condition or better

Collectable prints are rare and unique works of art - from original pre-war advertisement posters, to contemporary exhibitions prints, to out-of-print and hard to find gems. Although not signed or numbered like a limited edition, they often appreciate in value over time due to their rarity and age. Because of the unique history of each item, collectable prints may show minor signs of handling, aging, or original print defects. Unless otherwise noted, each print is guaranteed to be in very good condition or better.
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The Artist
Jorge Dumas, Uruguayan (1928 - 1985 )<br/><br/>Jorge Dumas was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1928. He first came to the United States in 1960 to collaborate with Carlos PAez in the design and execution of the mural for the Pan American Union Building in Washington, D.C.<br/><br/>Dumas' works have been exhibited throughout the United States and South America. He received first prize in the National Salon of Buenos Aires. His paintings were chosen to represent Uruguay at the show that opened the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires. Dumas has taught painting and drawing at the Fine Arts Academy in Salta, Argentina.<br/><br/>1944 Studied drawing and painting at "Taller Torres Garcia".<br/>1946 First show of drawings together with the Hungarian sculptor Anthony Khun, Sao Paolo, Brazil.<br/>1949 Traveled to Argentina as set designer for the company o Modern Dances of Miryan Winslow.<br/>-<br/>Traveled to Valparaiso and Santiago de Chile.
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