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The Duke of Wellington, Irish-Born British Soldier and Statesman, 19th Century
12" x 16"
Giclee Print

The Duke of Wellington Irishborn British soldier and statesman th century Arthur Wellesley st Duke of Wellington commanded the victorious British forces in the Peninsular War for which he was promoted to Field Marshal and made a duke In he inflicted the final defeat on Napoleon at Waterloo Christened the Iron Duke Wellington served as Prime Minister in but his intransigent opposition to parliamentary reform led to him being compelled to resign His death was marked by a grand funeral and the honour of a burial in St Pauls Cathedral alongside the other great British military hero of the Napoeonic Wars Nelson From the Waterloo Chamber Windsor Castle A print from People a volume about the origin and early history of many things common and less common essential and inessential by Readers Union the Grosvenor Press London

Cultural Art

Never lose touch with your roots or embrace a new culture with world art. Our collection will bring you closer to traditions, cultural, and even historical moments worldwide. Explore bohemian, Scandinavian, to tropical art without leaving your couch.

Norman Rockwell, Monica Stewart, Frida Kahlo, Jean -Michel Basquiat are renowned for capturing culture with their art. Elevate your living space with our world culture masterpieces customized in our professionally hand-stretched canvas.

People Art

If you could have dinner with someone famous, who would you choose? A social justice icon, a movie star, or a celebrated artist. Whomever you choose, our extensive people art collection will bring them at just a click! So, get ready to create an inspired space with the ones that encourage you.

People art is any photograph, painting that’s an artistic or true-to-life representation of people or groups. Our most popular people art include an exclusive illustration of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, black and white portraits of Frida Kahlo, and Elvis Presley, amongst many others.

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We're your custom frame shop
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